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SSIM implements strategic investments to match the individual’s investment goals. Each portfolio is designed to match realistic return expectations, taking into account the appropriate and acceptable level of portfolio risk. The underlying goals of diversification and risk-adjusted returns are paramount. Our team of seasoned professionals will invest in equities, fixed income, and cash reserves.


Sheets Smith Investment Management, LLC (SSIM) is an affiliate of Sheets Smith Wealth Management. Sheets Smith Wealth Management, Inc. (SSWM) was founded in 1982 by John Sheets and Bill Smith upon leaving Wachovia Bank, N.A. and catered to a small number of large clients, a few of which are still with the firm. Investments included real estate, equities, fixed income, private equity, and individual private company investments. Over time other managers joined the firm and now has fifteen employees with satellite offices in Atlanta, GA and Houston, TX in addition to the Winston-Salem home office. SSWM manages over $750 million in assets.

One product strategy that has grown rapidly at SSWM is the tactical asset allocation product line. For these products to continue their rapid growth, a GIPS-compliant firm was required. To accomplish this, Sheets Smith Investment Management, LLC was organized December 2, 2015 as an affiliate company of SSWM for the sole reason of managing the assets using this rather unique investment process in a GIPS-compliant firm. SSIM’s verification letter is dated June 14, 2016. SSIM's registration with the SEC was granted May 2, 2018. The firm was founded by Cornell Bowden and the management of SSWM.


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Management Team



Z. Cornell Bowden

Prior to joining Sheets Smith in 2003, Mr. Bowden was the Chief Investment Officer of Atlantic Capital Management, Ltd. Earlier in his career, Mr. Bowden served as Senior Vice President and equity strategist of Companion Capital Management Inc. Before joining Companion, he managed the co-mingled equity and money market funds of the Trust Department of Bankers Trust of South Carolina. He began his investment career as a securities analyst with Wachovia Bank and Trust Company, N.A. in 1970.

Mr. Bowden has extensive experience managing equity only and tactical asset allocation balanced portfolios. Since 2010, performance composites of his portfolios have been distinguished multiple times as “Top Guns” by Informa Investment Solutions. He serves as the lead portfolio manager for the active asset Allocation Balanced and Quantitative Equity portfolios. He has responsibility for the strategic and tactical asset allocation used to manage portfolio risk in these balanced portfolios as well as individual stock selection and sector allocation in both balanced and equity only accounts.

Cornell received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Duke University and his Master of Business Administration degree in Finance from Emory University.

Cornell is an Eagle Scout and enjoys fly fishing and woodworking. He also serves in various capacities at his local church.



portfolio manager

Gregory C. Bowden

Mr. Bowden joined Sheets Smith Wealth Management in November 2015 as an analyst and portfolio manager. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Bowden served in various Financial Planning & Analysis roles with Bristow Group, Inc., Melior Innovations, Inc. and Waste Management, Inc. His experience includes mergers and acquisitions, corporate venture capital investing, business valuations, and forecasting and budgeting.

Mr. Bowden holds a Master of Business Administration degree and a Master of Bioengineering degree from Rice University and a Bachelor of Science degree with Highest Honors in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is currently a Level III candidate for accreditation as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Mr. Bowden is an Eagle Scout and enjoys fishing, golf and woodworking in addition to playing with his three young daughters. He is active in his church coordinating a men's ministry providing in-home repairs and handyman services to widows. He and his wife, Carrie, live in Houston, Texas.



Awards & Accolades

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2006 Q1 1-Star

2007 Q3 1-Star (ARB) Q4 1&2-Star (ARB)

2010 Q4 1&2-Star (ARB,ARBC,QE)

2011 Q1 1&2-Star (ARB,ARBC,QE) Q2 1&2-Star (ARBC)

2012 Q2 1-Star (QE)

2013 Q1 3-Star (ARBC), Q2 3,4,5&6 Star (ARBP,ARBC), Q3 3&4-Star (ARBP,ARBC)

2017 Q2 2-Star (ARB,ARBP), Q3 1&2-Star (ARB,ARBP,ARBC), Q4 1,2&3-Star (ARB,ARBP)

2018 Q1 1,2&3-Star (ARB,ARBP,ARBC), Q2 1,2&3-Star (ARB,ARBP,ARBC), Q3 1,2&3-Star (ARB,ARBP,ARBC)

2019 Q1 1&3-Star (ARB,ARBP)

(ARB- Absolute Return Balanced. ARBP- Absolute Return Balanced. ARBC- Absolute Return Balanced - Commission. QE- Quantitative Equity.)


*These highlights are available upon request from SSIM. Recognitions prior to 2016 occurred when strategy was part of Sheets Smith Wealth Management Inc.

Informa Information Solutions may be found at

A “Top Gun” designation indicates the top ten (10) best performing managers for a given time period for a particular investment style, with the number of stars representing continued performance over time. Recognitions were awarded in each portfolio’s respectively assigned “Universe”, either U.S. Balanced, MA (Wrap) U.S. Balanced, or All Cap Growth Equity.

The 1 Star, 2 Star and 3 Star Categories are awarded based on the performance of the prior quarter, year and three-year periods, respectively. The 4 Star, 5 Star and 6 Star categories are based on three-year and five-year outperformance but also include more stringent measures of performance including high correlation to the style benchmark and lower standard deviation ranking with the peer group, depending on the Category.