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Managing Portfolio Change



As the world changes from day to day, your portfolio should as well. Here at Sheets Smith, we utilize a Dynamic Asset Allocation process that adapts to current market conditions. In contrast to a fixed portfolio, our portfolio holdings are ever-changing to avoid an unmanaged asset mix. Our process provides diversified balanced portfolios offering the growth potential of stocks, the high income of bonds and the safety of cash equivalents.



Investment solutions

Explore our array of investment options and decide which aligns with your risk tolerance and your investment objectives. Clients with any risk level can be accommodated within our solutions. To learn more, CLICK HERE.



About the firm

Discover how Sheets Smith Investment Management team and its distinctions. The story of how SSIM came to be and how we set ourselves different from other managers can be found here as well. To learn more, CLICK HERE.



Dynamic Asset allocation

By using one successful investment process, clients with different risk parameters can have portfolios designed to fit within their expected target-range of returns. To learn more about the Dynamic Asset Allocation process, CLICK HERE.


Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.
— Warren Buffett